If you keep one kind of potato around, make it Yukon Golds. They're ace roasted, mashed, and in potato salad recipes. Let's hear it for Yukon Golds!
Cullen Skink (Scottish Smoked Fish Chowder) Recipe
Caldo verde
Caldo Verde (Portuguese Potato and Kale Soup With Sausage) Recipe
A spoonful of stretchy and richy pommes aligot
Pommes Aligot (Cheesy Mashed Potatoes) Recipe
Classic Pot-au-Feu (French Boiled Beef and Vegetables) Recipe
Deep-fried potato-skin cups ready for dipping or filling.
Crispy Deep-Fried Potato-Skin Cups Recipe
Deep-Fried Potato Skins With Pulled Pork and Cheddar Recipe
Colombian Chicken Stew With Potatoes, Tomato, and Onion Recipe
a close-up of Potatoes Sarladaises
Potatoes Sarladaises Recipe
Golden brown crispy smashed potatoes on an oval white plate on a dark textured background.
Crispy Smashed Potatoes Recipe
Brussels sprouts and potato hash in a skillet.
Brussels Sprout-Potato Hash Recipe | Cook the Book
A plate of roast beef hash with a fried egg on top.
Dinner Tonight: Roast Beef Hash Recipe
Cider-Braised Country-Style Pork Ribs With Creamy Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Overhead shot of a white bowl filled with creamy potato and leek soup topped with fried kielbasa slices.
Easy Creamy Potato, Leek, and Sauerkraut Soup Recipe
Crispy kale, brussels sprouts, and potato hash
Crispy Kale, Brussels Sprouts, and Potato Hash Recipe
Corned Beef Hash
Papas Chorreadas (Colombian Potatoes with Cheese and Tomato Sauce) Recipe
Crispy Roasted Potatoes With Curry Leaf and Mustard Oil Mayonnaise Recipe
A small dish filled with smooth and buttery pommes puree.
Pommes Purée (Rich and Creamy Mashed Potatoes) Recipe
Latke-Crusted Turkey Stuffing Fritters With Liquid Cranberry Core and Schmaltz Gravy Recipe
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Plated Corned Beef Hash with chimicurri
Corned Beef Hash Recipe
Bowls of gamja-tang with garnishes and sides of white rice.
Gamja-tang (Korean Pork and Potato Stew)
Gaeng Massaman Neua (Thai Massaman Curry with Beef)
Gaeng Massaman Neua (Thai Massaman Curry with Beef)
Celeriac Potato Pancakes with Apple Crème Fraîche Recipe
Chicken Dinners: Chicken Chowder with Potato, Bacon, and Corn