Your Thanksgiving Friday Moment of Zen

We're very thankful for the weekend after, to be honest.


You did it! Another week down!

We're putting up a post very much like this one every Friday afternoon, to celebrate the fact that the week is done. Even on Thanksgiving week! Down with working at all this week! Up with no work! If you're working, you're a saint!

We think of this series as something of a send-off for the week, giving you the option of a brief interlude for your Friday afternoon. But this week, we think of it as brief break from hanging with your family! We love our families but we love our brief breaks more!

We hope to provide a short mix of mostly silly, mostly food-related, mostly entertaining things to look at, listen to, and read, and we hope you'll find it amusing, and maybe, sometimes, edifying and enlightening.

If you have feedback, or if you run across any interesting/oddball/totally crazy stories/podcasts/images/videos during the week that you think may be appropriate for this little collection of miscellany, email us! We can't guarantee that we'll use it, but we will 100% appreciate the effort.

What's New on Serious Eats

You can, of course, browse all our content in reverse-chronological order. But here are just a few highlights appropriate for the day after T-Day:

Our Favorite Comments of the Week

From the recipe for Lacy Brown Butter and Ricotta Cookies:

Every time I remember to make these, I’m mad at myself for not making them more. Easily the best “reward to effort” ratio for any cookie out there, even with the brown butter.

They do turn out slightly different with different brands of ricotta, flour, butter, etc. but they always taste amazing.

Also for anyone out there resisting the cookie scoop — don’t. I wish I’d given in earlier.

From our recipe for All-Belly Porchetta:

We made this last month and it was sooo good. I’m still daydreaming about how crispy the skin was. Next we’re going to try your deep-fried, sous vide recipe for Christmas, since I think that recipe lends itself better to feed a crowd. Can’t wait!

From a commenter (who we are frankly quite worried about) on Facebook, in response to our description of a recipe for Cornbread Dressing With Sausage and Sage:

Well, for one thing, I don't like cornbread.

A Brief Book Break

When Cerberus, the great worm, noticed us, he opened wide his mouths, showed us his fangs; there was no part of him that did not twitch.

My guide opened his hands to their full span, plucked up some earth, and with his fists filled full he hurled it straight into those famished jaws.

Just as a dog that barks with greedy hunger will then fall quiet when he gnaws his food, intent and straining hard to cram it in,

so were the filthy faces of the demon Cerberus transformed—after he’d stunned the spirits so, they wished that they were deaf.

From The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, translated by Allen Mandelbaum.

Food Numbers, News, and Hijinks

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!