Your Stove Is Broken: Use Your Cue Instead

What would you cook at home if you knew you couldn't fail? Enter Hestan Cue, where the art of cooking meets modern technology.

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Whether you're racing against the clock to get dinner on the table or dedicating a Sunday afternoon to an hours-long recipe, cooking can be unpredictable. One minute you’re on your way to a perfectly pan-seared chicken; the next, you’re fishing out blackened aromatics and scraping sticky drippings from a smoking skillet. "Burnt" was not the flavor you were going for.

This is what we mean when we say your stove is broken. Without any kind of precision temperature control, it's too hard for the cook to decipher what low, medium, or high-heat cooking really means. And that means, good food is out of your control.

Enter the Hestan Cue, a smart cooking system that automatically controls the temperature and timing as you cook. The smart cookware, smart burner, and recipe app work together to take the guesswork out of cooking, ruling out culinary catastrophes (or even subpar results) and promising perfection in every meal. Built by a team of award-winning chefs, culinary scientists, and engineers, it’s like GPS for cooking at home.

Hestan Cue makes the smartest skillet-and-burner set you’ve ever met: an 11-inch tri-ply stainless steel pan, along with a temperature sensor and an easy-to-clean, durable glass ceramic cooktop. These pieces come with a 1,600-watt countertop induction burner featuring rapid-response induction coils for precise temperature control. Together, the skillet and burner optimize your cooking process so that you can control, right down to the degree, the temperature at which you’re cooking.

Cue heats up faster and recovers temperature better (compared to gas), resulting in consistent, perfect results for the home cook.

In addition to the Hestan Cue 11" Smart Pan, there’s also the Hestan Cue Chef’s Pot, a 5.5-quart tri-ply stainless steel pot and lid. It offers the same precise temperature control for things like soups or sauces, too.

Both skillet and pot operate by syncing with a user-friendly Hestan Cue app, which automatically adjusts cooking time and controls temperature based on the ingredient you’re cooking and the size of the cut or piece. Better yet, the app guides you through the motions with step-by-step recipe videos.

Want a buttery piece of salmon with crispy skin, cooked just to medium? Or a medium-rare steak with a nice crust? The app will tell you how hot to set the pan, when to flip your protein, and when to baste.

You have the power to produce meals as fine as any chef can create; you just need the right parameters (like time, temperature, and visual cues). With Cue's innovative software, now you have them.

Why Induction?

Induction is the most responsive and energy-efficient source of heat, which makes it the ideal choice for precision cooking. "A gas burner loses roughly 60% of its heat to the room, whereas 90% of the energy produced by an induction heat source goes directly into the pan," says Julian Weisner, culinary scientist at Hestan Cue.

How Does the App Work?

The Bluetooth-enabled Hestan Cue app calculates the exact times, temperatures, and techniques to cook whatever you’re making to your chosen level of doneness, taking into account the cut and thickness of the meat or size of the ingredient. Not only that, it adjusts automatically and comes with step-by-step video-guided recipes—so you'll know when to flip without constantly monitoring your pan.

What Should I Make?

The app comes with over 500 recipes, each one rigorously tested by no fewer than a dozen professional cooks. And they’re not just recipes that require searing; the Hestan Cue system optimizes recipes that call for sautéing, shallow-frying, slow-cooking, and steaming, too. (It's actually eight cooking devices in one!) Whatever recipe you’re making or technique you’re using, you can expect restaurant-quality food. Quality becomes so accessible, in fact, that you’ll quickly be inspired to go outside your comfort zone and try all kinds of new recipes.

Get that pan-seared chicken breast just right, worry-free. Never overcook shrimp again, thanks to a step-by-step guide to pan-seared shrimp. Since Cue has the power to cook at temperatures as low as 100°F (38°C), you can even try your hand at culturing yogurt. It can also heat up to and maintain a temperature of up to 500°F (260°C) in under two minutes, in case you were wondering.

Churning out high-quality dishes with such comfort and ease just might inspire you to try your hand at recipes like homemade English muffins—there’s a custom Hestan Cue recipe for that, too, and you can count on it for foolproof results.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

The Hestan Cue Smart Pan and Chef’s Pot are both dishwasher-safe, which means cleanup is as easy as the food you’ll be churning out on a nightly basis. Another bonus? You’ll also find sous vide recipes that integrate with the Joule sous vide cooker. For added safety, the burner has a child-safe activation switch, an auto-shutoff feature, and slip-proof rubber feet for stability.

There’s nothing the Hestan Cue chefs, culinary scientists, and engineers haven’t thought of, which is why you'll never have to overthink dinner, or any other meal, ever again.

Purchase your Hestan Cue system for $399 right here.