Would You Buy Premixed Sangria?


As a party host, I haven't had a ton of luck with premixed drinks of any kind. So when a bottle of Eppa Superfruit Sangria arrived at my door, I didn't have high expectations. But the marketing for this premix had me a little curious: it's certified organic and full of buzzwords like pomegranate and acai, plus blood orange juice, which tends to be tasty. It seemed at least worth cracking open the screwcap.

It turns out Eppa Superfruit Sangria isn't terrible at all. It's a bit like orange popsicles mixed with fruity wine, and though it's one shade too sweet, it's less syrupy than I expected. I'd totally drink it at a party, especially if the room was warm and the sangria was well-iced. You're instructed to pour it straight from the bottle over ice, and garnish with a wedge of citrus if you want to get fancy. A little squeeze of lemon seems like a good idea. I also think this stuff would make a pretty awesome slushie or granita.

The bad news for party hosts: they're selling it online for $12 a bottle. So while it's a time saver, I'm not certain it's a good deal, unless you see it seriously marked down at a discount store. You'd do better starting with our budget-hall-of-famer Monte Oton Garnacha for $7 and adding your own fresh fruit. I'm partial to this recipe for apple sangria, which doesn't even require any additional booze.

Have you tried Eppa or any other premixed sangrias? Are any of them a good deal?