Drink This Now: Sparkling Jungle Bird

Elana Lepkowski

When snowfall or an ice storm hits town, a warm tropical beach suddenly seems like the obvious cure to post-holiday winter blues. If you find yourself laying face-up on a beach somewhere (or want to convince some part of your mind that you are) you'll need a good drink. And nothing's more appropriate than this tiki cocktail.

The ingredients of the Jungle Bird—a drink we've loved for awhile now—are pretty cut and dry: rum, lime, pineapple, and Campari. Wait—Campari in a tiki drink? Yes! That delicious bitterness is a wonderful counterbalance to sweet tropical fruit and rich rum. The Campari's bitter touch is what makes the Jungle Bird special.

If you're ready to take a break from warm whiskey drinks by the fire, this bright variation adds even more finesse to the classic. Mount Gay Eclipse rum gets a quick infusion of tangy pineapple and lime before being paired with a dollop of deep Gosling's Black Seal. Add a generous pour of Campari and top it all off with some fizzy sparkling wine. It's bright and refreshing without any of the cloying sweetness you might expect from a tropical drink.

But beware folks! This may be a long drink, but it's also a strong drink. No driving for the rest of the afternoon! The weather outside is frightful anyway, right?