9 Recipes That Make the Most of Nutty, Hearty Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat is the star of these recipes.


As the name suggests, whole wheat is less processed and contains more of each kernel of the plant than white flour. A lot of us avoid baking projects that call for whole wheat flour simply because we're not as familiar with the product as we are with conventional white flour, but whole wheat has a unique, lovely flavor you should really get comfortable with.

Unlike white flour, which is made with just the endosperm of a kernel, whole wheat contains the endosperm, bran, and germ, and it has a much nuttier, heartier flavor than its more processed and stripped-down counterpart. It creates a denser texture when baked, so you won't want to go swapping it into recipes willy-nilly. Combining whole wheat and all-purpose white flour, as we do in many of these recipes, will lend flavor and moistness while helping to stretch your precious all-purpose flour stash.

If you—like so many others—are running short on all-purpose flour, don't worry. These whole wheat recipes will give you plenty of baking projects until you can restock.