Mexican Fast Food: 30 Tacos and Burritos Actually Worth Eating

Taco Bell Seven-Layer Burrito

This simple, classic vegetarian fast food burrito option still works. The guacamole and sour cream added to the beans and rice are done with a swift hand, never letting too much get in the way. The tomato is more noticeable in this burrito too, in a good way. Unfortunately, the hot shreds of lettuce get rubbery pretty quickly, but you can’t expect perfection here.

Our man Farley Elliott out in Los Angeles has been dutifully covering the Mexi fast-food scene. What's actually worth ordering in the taco and burrito department? He's been answering this very question in various categories, from ground beef tacos to veggie burritos.

Now, we're putting all of his recommended picks in one place. Flip through the slideshow or click on the links below to see which menu items from familiar Mexican, or Mexican-leaning, chains—including Taco Bell, Rubio's, Qdoba, Baja Fresh, Chipotle, Wahoo's, Del Taco, Green Burrito, and El Pollo Loco—are actually worth ordering.

The Tacos

Qdoba Hard Taco

El Pollo Loco's Taco Al Carbon
El Pollo Loco's Tortilla Wrap
Qdoba's Hard Chicken Taco
Qdoba's Ground Beef Hard Shell Taco
Rubio's Chicken Gourmet Taco
Rubio's Chicken Street Taco
Rubio's Sesame Soy Fish Taco
Rubio's Fish Taco Especial
Rubio's Portobello & Poblano Tacos
Rubio's Steak Gourmet Taco
Taco Bell's Ground Beef Soft Taco
Taco Bell's Ground Beef Double Decker Taco
Taco Bell's Steak Fresco Soft Taco
Chipotle's Chicken Soft Taco
Del Taco's Carnitas Soft Taco
Del Taco's Steak Taco Al Carbon
Del Taco Fat (Flatbread) Taco
Baja Fresh's Carnitas Taco (Flour Tortilla)
Baja Fresh's Steak Original Taco
Wahoo's Mushroom Tacos
Green Burrito's Ground Beef Hard Shell Taco

The Burritos/Bowls

Which Chain Makes the Best Veggie Burrito?

Taco Bell Seven-Layer Burrito
Qdoba Vegetarian Burrito
Baja Fresh Vegetarian Burrito
El Pollo Loco Pollo Bowl
El Pollo Loco Ultimate Bowl
Wahoo's Wafu Bowl
Wahoo's Kalua Pig Bowl

Burrito note: Because Chipotle and Qdoba are DIY burrito operations, where you pick and choose all the fillings, there are zillions of possible burrito/bowl combinations. So, instead of trying every single one, we just rated the quality of the meat options (in taco form) here: steak, chicken, veggies and even the carnitas, where available.