Gallery: 7 Non-Pimm's Cup Cocktails to Make With Pimm's

  • Pimm Daddy

    Pimm Daddy cocktail

    This rye-based Pimm's cocktail was created by Taylor Bense of The Post Office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Don't understimate the muddled cucumber rounds—they add a remarkable amount of fresh flavor. Lemon juice keeps everything bright. Get the Recipe »

    Pimm's Melon Punch

    Pimm's Melon Punch cocktail

    Pimm's No. 1 has a subtle spicy flavor, which is brought out in this cocktail with a cardamom simple syrup. The delicate flavor of cucumber is a classic with Pimm's, but here, the subtle flavor of honeydew melon is a delicious stand-in. Get the Recipe »

    Pimm's and Tonic

    Pimm's and Tonic cocktail

    Pimm's cups are usually made with 7-Up or ginger ale, but the bitter bite of tonic makes for an extra-refreshing highball. We like to mix it with a little tart lemon juice for balance. Get the Recipe »

    Basin Street Blues

    Basin Street Blues cocktail

    This cocktail starts with a one-to-one mix of Pimm's and Nardini Amaro, which has a rich chocolatey flavor and wonderful peppermint bite. The cocktail, which is served at Domenica in New Orleans, is rounded out with fresh citrus juice. A touch of smoky Scotch adds interest to the luscious cocktail, which is evocative of caramel and lemon drops. Get the Recipe »

    El Diablo

    El Diablo cocktail

    This tequila drink from David Welch at Lincoln Restaurant in Portland, Oregon is like a bright, refreshing limeade with a touch of spicy ginger. We like how tart this highball is, with just a little caramel richness from the Pimm’s. Get the Recipe »

    The Motown

    Motown cocktail

    Pimm's shows its richer side in this stirred whiskey cocktail. A combination of pistachio liqueur and tawny port reminded us a bit of candied nuts—serve this one alongside dessert. Get the Recipe »

    Pimm's Lemon Mojito

    Lemon mojito

    Beverage Director Robert Crosson of The Little Owl in New York's West Village came up with this fresh, minty Pimm's drink, made more complex by including all the flavorful juices and oils from a muddled lemon half. Garnish it with fresh mint to boost the minty aroma. Get the Recipe »