What to Cook for Your Festive Easter Feasts

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Mashed potatoes in a bowl

Whether you’re cooking a light lunch or a feast for dinner, Easter meals should feel as joyous as the holiday. They’re also the perfect time to break out those springtime ingredients you’ve been missing all winter. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to say goodbye to the warming aspects of cold-weather dishes quite yet. There’s room for everything, which is why we love a tried-and-true game plan: One large-format centerpiece and a fresh vegetable or salad, rounded out with a comforting side dish. Our pick for the latter? Idahoan Buttery Homestyle® Mashed Potatoes, which are real potatoes, real easy. It's the original comfort food, after all. For something quick and easy that delivers homemade taste, there’s nothing better.

Should you choose a familiar glazed ham or a less-expected, but still seasonally fit, poached chicken with asparagus, "America's Favorite Mashed Potatoes," made from 100% real Idaho® potatoes, are the ideal partner. Here is a collection of main dishes and salads to mix and match for a complete Easter meal this year. The side dish is spoken for.

Maple-Glazed City Ham

If you’re going traditional, an Easter ham is a great choice. This one is glazed with sweet maple syrup and molasses, mixed with briney mustard and a spike of cinnamon. Mixed together, the flavors create a dynamic crust on the tender ham, balanced out perfectly by easy, warm mashed potatoes.

Get the recipe for Maple-Glazed City Ham here

Sous Vide Leg of Lamb With Mint, Cumin, and Black Mustard

For something traditional with a twist, try this fresh and spicy lamb recipe, cooked sous vide. The meat will come out more moist than you can believe, and the make-ahead method, founded on predictability, makes entertaining a lot easier. Encased by a crunchy cumin–black mustard crust, the lamb needs just one more texture for a completely balanced plate. You guessed it: silky, creamy mashed potatoes.

Get the recipe for Sous Vide Leg of Lamb With Mint, Cumin, and Black Mustard here

Snap Pea Salad With Creamy Yogurt Mint Dressing

What about the vegetables, you ask? Nothing says spring like snap peas and mint, which is why we love this bright, fresh salad for Easter. Shocking the snap peas in ice water after cooking keeps them crunchy—the perfect counterpoint to smooth, buttery mashed potatoes. Mixed with a creamy yogurt dressing made extra refreshing with a hint of mint, these snap peas are substantial enough to stand up to a main like ham or lamb.

Get the recipe for Snap Pea Salad With Creamy Yogurt Mint Dressing here

Five-Minute Radicchio and Watercress Salad

Inevitably when you’re entertaining, something feels rushed in the kitchen. Plan ahead this year by choosing dishes that are as quick to assemble as they are delicious, like this colorful salad with peppery greens that accompany meaty mains well. Equally quick—and deceptively so—are Idahoan Buttery Homestyle® Mashed Potatoes. With these sides combined, you can really do no wrong. Plus, you’ll have time to focus on other things, like your guests.

Get the recipe for Five-Minute Radicchio and Watercress Salad here

Poached Chicken and Asparagus With Green Goddess Sauce

Chicken is a crowd-pleaser, especially when it’s as juicy as this poached chicken, made extra flavorful, thanks to aromatics in the poaching liquid. This recipe makes an ideal Easter lunch or a lighter dinner if you’ve had a big brunch (or too much candy) earlier in the day. With a side of asparagus and an herbaceous green goddess dressing, the only thing this dish needs is a side of nostalgia: Enter those dreamy mashed potatoes that taste like home, no matter where you are.

Get the recipe for Poached Chicken and Asparagus With Green Goddess Sauce here