Welcome to the Serious Eats Redesign. Here's What's New.

Vicky Wasik

Hi there. You may notice that things look a little different today. As of this morning, we've launched a site-wide redesign with three main goals: clean, attractive pages that highlight our best stories; a stronger emphasis on beautiful images; and intuitive navigation and search so you can find what you're looking for quickly.

We're pretty proud of our makeover. Here's a tour of what's new.

Smarter Organization


Gone is our old homepage dominated by a string of posts organized by nothing more than a dateline. Our new design groups articles by story type, so whether you're looking to bone up on knife skills or find good eating in Boston, we have a section for you. As a primer, here are the four main categories of posts you'll see across the top of every page on Serious Eats:

  • Techniques: How-to stories showing you how to cook and bake, well, everything, with plenty of kitchen science and rigorous testing to show you exactly why our approaches work.
  • Recipes: Just the straight recipes, tasted, tested, and approved by Serious Eats.
  • Features: Equipment tests, our favorite products, and deep dives into edible culture, from the stories behind iconic dishes to exploring our favorite ingredients and cuisines.
  • Guides: Food and drink recommendations across America and around the world, calling on expert knowledge to cut through the hype and bring you the best places to eat—and what's worth eating there.

Featured Content


One of our greatest frustrations with our old blog layout was how quickly great stories fell off the main page. So a big part of this redesign is about featuring stories that otherwise get lost in the shuffle—stories that, thanks to our site analytics and intensive user testing, we know you're searching for already. Now they're right on our front pages.

But more featured content doesn't mean we're quitting on new stories. We're continuing to publish new, original stories every day, and freedom from the old-school reverse-chronological blog format means we're going to focus even more on the big, meaty, deep dives into food and cooking that you've come to expect from Serious Eats. We'll also regularly shake up featured articles on our landing pages, and we'll be building new special collections devoted to everything from fried chicken to ice cream.

Still want to see all our latest posts in one place? In our footer you'll find a link to a newsfeed with all our articles organized in reverse-chronological order.

Beautiful Design


From big, beautiful photos to upgraded fonts, better graphics, and faster page load times, we've made changes across the board to give you a nicer reading experience no matter what device you're on. The way we see it, food looks its best when you can view it in arresting detail, and a how-to story is that much more effective when you can see every nook and cranny of a chicken breast or pie crust up close. Beyond images, our new layout should provide a smoother, more comfortable, and visually appealing reading experience than ever before, including on older stories with smaller photos.

We've also made upgrades to our recipe pages, calling out key notes about why our recipes work along with clear links back to full stories that explain how we developed our techniques. And we've added a function called Cooking Mode for everyone who's following a recipe on a laptop or tablet. Toggle on Cooking Mode and you'll get a condensed, no-nonsense view of the recipe that shows you all the notes, ingredients, and procedures with minimal scrolling. (Prefer a printed recipe? We have a print button at the top of every recipe page.)

Lastly, we've changed our logo to something more contemporary, one that reflects our current design sensibilities and can be used on all our social media platforms. Say hello to the little blue stockpot! (We'll miss you, red smile/chicken/sausage.)

Better Search


Your comments came through loud and clear: We needed better search functionality. And while we're still working on some improvements that'll roll out down the road, our new search experience is definitely an upgrade. Whether you're looking for stir-fry cooking techniques, essential ramen info, or everything about pizza, you'll find smarter results containing images, keyword highlighting, and direct links to recipes. Keep an eye out for more improvements soon.

And We Need Your Help

Vicky Wasik

Still with us? Good, because we need your help to make these changes even better. We'll be doing more work in the coming months to improve the site's back-end functionality and front-end design, and as with any redesign, we're expecting some bugs to creep through. So if you encounter an error as you're reading through the site, send us some details with this form and we'll get on it.

Have any non-bug-related comments you'd like to share? Send us an email right here. Even if we can't respond to every note, we read them all, and we need your input to make the site even better.

There's more work to come, but we're pretty excited about this design, and we hope you will be too. As our founder Ed Levine is fond of saying, onward and upward. To which we'll add: Hope you're hungry.