Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Your Bread

Focaccia by ElizabethS. The Manhattan Food Project

For last week's Weekend Cook and Tell we challenged all of you to break out the yeast and flour and try your hand at bread baking. Who knew that so many of you are such accomplished bakers? Here are some of our favorite fresh-baked responses:

ElizabethS made good use of her free time by attempting to replicate the perfect focaccia she ate on her Italian honeymoon.

This upside-down tomato basil bread was avaryne's first attempt at bread-baking and the results were sinfully delicious.

hmw0029 made a light oat bread with pumpkin puree and sunflower seeds for the week's sandwiches.

dbcurrie was busy baker with a French loaf from Artisan Breads Every Day along with a sweet loaf with crumb topping (and a sculpted loaf just for fun).

To celebrate a move from a tiny Brooklyn kitchen to an expansive one in Santa Fe, eatup made a housewarming loaf of sourdough.

cycorider swears by a bagel-making secret: use the leftover boiling water from potato gnocchi. Go ahead and balk New Yorkers.

Yukiyummy tired out this recipe for a square Japanese white loaf known as shoku pan. Here's a translated version of the recipe for all of you non-Japanese speakers out there.

Rarely a week goes by without ec_washington firing up the oven to bake some bread. These stovetop pitas were a perfect mate with fresh hummus.

And finally, Onepot would like to introduce all of you to this beautiful buttermilk boule.

Thanks to everyone who took time to let the dough rise and participate in this week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: Thanksgiving Pregame.