Weekend Baking Project: Chocolate 'Crack' and Holiday Peppermint Chocolate 'Crack'


I have bought people a lot of worthless secret santa gifts over the years. Things that seemed irresistibly cute—staplers shaped like mice!—or useful—staplers shaped like mice!—turned out to be cheap knick-knackery that quickly got discarded in the dust bin.

Then I learned the trick of giving food. Sure, you might risk the "so you're trying to make me fat" stink-eye, but hopefully you're not friends with any of those people in the first place. It does help to give things that are easily shared. You know, foods that your recipient can give out, maybe even give a little back, spreading the holiday cheer.


One such thing is this Chocolate 'Crack.' Saltine crackers are covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt, making for an addictively salty-sweet treat. Want to make it even more festive? Try the Holiday Peppermint Chocolate Crack. It's the same good stuff, dressed up with crushed candy canes.

On the other hand, you might want to give them something they'll actually share.

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