We Try All the Flavors of Cheerios

Dulce de Leche Cheerios

When you open the box, you are fairly assaulted with a sickly sweet waft of cereal breath. The O's are pudgy and more aerated with a light glaze. The flavor is akin to Quaker caramel rice cakes, which makes sense. Overly sweet with some artificial notes. Milk helped, but not a whole lot.

Robyn Lee

Over the last few weeks, our cereal bureau chief Leandra has been tasting her way through the library of Cheerios flavors in our office. The number of handfuls of O's she's eaten in the name of research? We probably can't even count that high. Herewith a look at all the flavors in one slideshow, with tasting notes on each. There were many highs, some lows. What box of Cheerios do you reach for?