Wake And Bake: Æbelskivers With Lingonberry Jam

Carrie Vasios

The Scandinavian countries really have a way with pancakes. My first introduction was with the Swedish pancake mix from Ikea. You might balk, but it actually makes deliciously thin, crepe-like pancakes that we'd pair with lingonberry jam for special Sunday breakfasts. A trip to Finland cemented my love—the pancakes there were baked, not cooked on the stovetop, but they had the same delicious buttery balance. No heap of bland dough. No overwhelming syrup. Just awesome pancakes all on their own.

The Danish version, ebleskivers (also transliterated as aebelskivers), are just as unique and just as delicious. Instead of lying flat, these pancakes are more like pancake pockets—fluffy, light-as-air rounds of dough that can be filled with everything from fruit preserves to Nutella to cheese. I like them with, yes, lingonberry jam (OK, I'll come out and say it—I freaking love this stuff). Lingonberries have the perfect tartness to make the pancakes, with their dusting of powdered sugar, taste more sweet.

The trick to ebelskivers, aside from having an ebelskiver pan, is to make sure to butter the wells and have something long and pointy on hand for turning. It may not be authentic, but my preferred tool is chopsticks, which easily flip the delicate dough. Another hint? Don't pass the syrup. The dough here is buttery with a hint of salt, and if your filling is tasty, the pancakes will be too. Confectioners' sugar adds the perfect extra touch of sweetness (and makes them wonderfully wintery to boot.)