Video: The Savings Experiment: Eating Out Vs. Cooking Burgers at Home


The latest episode of personal finance blog WalletPop's The Savings Experiment focuses on burgers: eating out versus cooking at home. They compare the cost of a basic burger and fries from Applebee's with the cost of making an equivalent burger-and-fries dish at home using prices from the Consumer Price Index and supermarkets in New York City, along with the cost of labor.

You probably don't need to watch the video to come to WalletPop's conclusion: If you're only feeding yourself, don't particularly enjoy cooking, and won't be able to use up all the ingredients you bought to make that one burger, you're better off eating out. But if you enjoy cooking, have a group to feed, and live in somewhere devoid of good burgers, you're better off making them yourself—not just for your wallet, but also for the happiness of your belly. (And if you don't know how to make a good burger, check out our Burger Lab series. It's got a recipe for french fries too.)

When it comes to burgers, do you prefer eating out or cooking at home?

Savings Experiment: The Great Burger Cook-Off -- Eating Out Vs. Cooking at Home

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