Video: Slider Perfection at White Manna in Hackensack, NJ


A couple Tuesdays ago, Serious Eats New York editor Carey Jones and myself embarked on an epic road trip through Northern Jersey in the Serious Eats Explorer, loaned to us courtesy of Ford for a month of road tripping and eating. With ten stops stuffed under our belts by the end of the day, (that'd be three sandwich shops, two hot dog stands, and five burger joints) we learned a thing or two about the Northern Jersey lunch scene.


As we've long suspected, White Manna of Hackensack (not to be confused with the inferior White Mana in Jersey City) makes the best slider of the bunch.


Don't get me wrong—we had more than our share of really great sliders that day (see here for a complete guide to all of the slider joints in the area), but White Manna's is simply the best. The ideal ratio of juicy, onion-scented beef to soft steamed bun (from Martin's, naturally), the best cooked onions, the snappiest pickles, the greatest harmony. It's a truly magnificent sandwich.

Magnificent enough that we figured we'd immortalize it in a video. Peep the vid to check out how it's made from start to finish.