Video: Mark Pastore of Pat LaFrieda Talks About Dry Aging Beef


Ask Pat LaFrieda: Can I Dry Age At Home?

[Video: Jessica Leibowitz]

Still on the fence about springing for a great dry-aged prime rib for the holidays this year after reading our Complete Guide to Prime Rib?

We took a trip to Pat LaFrieda's new facility in New Jersey (here's a tour of the old location) where they have a dry-aging room capable of holding over half a million dollars' worth of beef at a time to speak with meat master Mark Pastore on the ins and outs of the process.

He talks to us about the purpose of a fat cap on the meat and the physical changes the roast goes through (over 30% moisture loss!). You'll also find out who serves the longest-aged steak in the city, as well as why wet-aging is not nearly as effective as dry aging.

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