Gallery: A Dozen Ways to Upgrade Your Eggnog

  • All the 'Nogs

    All the 'Nogs

    We've got a dozen variations on the classic. Ready?

    Gingersnap Eggnog

    Want to spice it up? Gingersnap Eggnog adds a splash of Canton ginger liqueur to the mix along with a sweet rim of ground gingersnap cookies.

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    Maple Bourbon Eggnog

    This savory Maple Bourbon Eggnog is for those who believe that everything is better with bacon. If you absolutely must, you can garnish with crispy bacon bits.

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    Lemon-Buttermilk Eggnog

    Swapping some of the milk for buttermilk adds an awesome tanginess to your eggnog which goes well with a bit of grated lemon zest for Lemon-Buttermilk Eggnog.

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    Pumpkin Eggnog

    I'm not one of the many pumpkin-inclined folks out there—the kind who'll use the winter as an excuse to shove pumpkins into the most unreasonable places—but I would, however, partake in a Pumpkin Eggnog enhanced with warm spices.

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    Butterscotch Eggnog

    The smokiness of Scotch pairs nicely with light brown sugar in Butterscotch Eggnog, which should obviously be served with a big fat cigar.

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    Toasted Coconut Eggnog

    if you prefer something equally rich but far more tropical, you could go with Coconut Eggnog made with coconut milk and toasted coconut flakes.

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    Double Nut Eggnog

    Sometimes you just feel like a nut (or two), which is when you should opt for Double Nut Eggnog, made with peanut butter and a dash of hazelnut liqueur.

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    Nutella Eggnog

    For more straight-up hazelnut flavor combined with chocolate, a bit of Nutella mixed into your 'nog base will get you some sweet, sweet Nutella Eggnog. It's like eating the stuff straight out of the container but without the guilt! Strike that, it's got all the guilt, but at least it's got some booze mixed in there to help you deal with it.

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    Chocolate and Spice Eggnog

    Bittersweet chocolate melted into the cream forms the base for Chocolate and Spice Eggnog, which gets hit with cinnamon and a pinch of ground chilis. It's eggnog just like they drink in Mexico... sort of.

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    Cappuccino Eggnog

    Cappuccino Eggnog is made with double coffee—both brewed espresso and coffee liqueur go into its base.

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    Toffee Eggnog

    Just because it rhymes with coffee, we'll do a Toffee Eggnog as well. Caramel in my 'nog? Yes, please!

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