Tools and Gadgets

From digital scales (yes, you should own one) to thermometers and measuring cups, here are our favorite gadgets to fill up those kitchen drawers.
an array of handheld and countertop vacuum sealers on gray countertop
Handheld vs. Countertop Vacuum Sealers
A black SodaStream on a kitchen countertop with two glasses and a SodaStream bottle beside it
Our Favorite Seltzer Maker is 40% Off—And It’s Actually Stylish Looking
The Best Portable Induction Burners
We Tested Portable Induction Cooktops to Find the Best Ones for Everyday Cooking
Overhead view of three cake testers
What’s the Point of a Cake Tester?
cooking scrambled eggs in a pan on an induction burner
How Do Induction Cooktops Work, Anyways?
Using the OXO bench scraper to scrape up gnocchi dough on a floured marble countertop
Bench vs. Bowl Scrapers: Why You Need Both
the aeropress on a black countertop with a coffee grinder and kettle in the background.
As a Coffee Professional, I Can't Recommend the Aeropress Enough
mini mortar and pestles
We Tested 10 Mini Mortar and Pestles—Three Crushed the Competition
Instant Pot sous vide on a colorful, white and blue speckled backdrop.
Our Favorite Budget-Friendly Sous Vide Machine from Instant Pot is 20% Off
Using the Thermapen one to take the temp of roast chicken
Our Favorite Instant-Read Thermometer Is 32% Off for Memorial Day
A Thermapen one taking the temperature of a sous vide water bath set to 134 degrees
The Best Gear from Our Equipment Reviews, According to Serious Eats Staffers
using the acacia lunar to weigh a shot of espresso
I've Worked In the Coffee Industry for 16 Years—Here's Why You Need a Coffee Scale
the challenger fermentation mat
We Reviewed the Challenger Fermentation Mat and Recommend It for Sourdough Bakers
Ninja Creami Deluxe on countertop
We Reviewed the Ninja Creami Deluxe to See if It Lived Up to the Hype
mandolines on a yellow backdrop
We Tested 8 Mandolines to Find Ones That Could Slice with Ease
five personal blenders on a countertop with white tile background
The Best Personal Blenders for Smoothies, According to Our Tests
Pastry cream being strained through a fine mesh strainer into a stainless steel bowl
Kitchen Gear and Tools We Think You Should Have Two (Or More) Of
Nesco vacuum sealer on a marble countertop
One of Our Favorite Vacuum Sealers Is Currently on Sale for 35% Off
A group of pasta rollers and cutters on marble surface
We Tested 7 Pasta Makers to Find the Best Ones for Rolling and Cutting Dough
a group of electric citrus juicers on a marble surface
We Tested 11 Citrus Juicers to Find the Best Ones for Tackling Citrus Big and Small
A person using an offset spatula to frost a cake on a cake stand
Why an Offset Spatula Is the Tool I Can’t Bake Without
a top-down shot of apple slices in a dehydrator before being dried
How a Food Dehydrator Can Help You Reduce Food Waste
eight different miniature whisks on a marble background
We Tested 8 Mini Whisks And Came Away with Three Favorites
Anova Precision Chamber Sealer with blue backdrop.
We Tested the Anova Precision Chamber Vacuum Sealer
A group of vegetable peelers on a grey surface
We Tested 14 Popular Vegetable Peelers to Find the Best Ones
Multiple Olive Oil Dispenser Bottles
We Tested 9 Olive Oil Dispensers—Here Are Our Favorites
a collection of 12 different garlic presses on a counter
We Tested 12 Garlic Presses—Two Smashed the Competition
Loaves on a baking stone in an oven
All of the Tools You Need to Make Really Great Baguettes at Home
pizza cutters on a black surface
To Find the Best Pizza Cutters, We Sliced Up More Than a Dozen Pies
a small fine mesh strainer drains hot peppers of their oil
Why A Small Fine Mesh Strainer Is Incredibly Versatile
a group of meat pounders on a marble countertop
We Tested 9 Meat Pounders—Two Smashed It
best steamer baskets horizontal lead
We Tested 10 Steamer Baskets—Here Are the Best Ones
Two cocktail smokers with a cocktail under a glass cloche
We Tested 6 Cocktail Smokers to Find the Best Ones for Drinks, Ice, and More
Vitamix Food Processor on the A3500 blender base
Is the Vitamix Food Processor Attachment Worth It?
a variety of kitchen tools and utensils on a blue surface
The Best Utensil Set Is No Utensil Set
A collection of ten bread lames, which are handles and rods that support a razor blade for scoring bread dough.
We Tested 10 Bread Lames—Two Scored the Top Spot
three electric deep fryers on a marble surface
Should You Buy an Electric Deep Fryer?
Six electric corkscrews on a blue countertop
We Opened Dozens of Bottles of Wine to Find the Best Electric Corkscrews
the winners of our siphon testing on a pale green marble countertop
We Tested 8 Whipping Siphons—Our Favorites Made Perfect Whipped Cream
three handheld grinders are arranged on a counter in front of a kettle and electric grinder
We Tested 11 Handheld Coffee Grinders—These Were Our Favorites
a number of muddlers oriented vertically on a marble countertop
We Tested 9 Muddlers to See Which Ones Were Best for Making Cocktails
A loaf of bread with a round bread lame beside it
Why A Circular Bread Lame Can Offer More Control for Scoring Loaves
Pouring coffee into pourover maker sent on the Acacia Pearl scale
We Tested 8 Coffee Scales—Here Are The Best Ones for Accurate Brewing
multiple vacuum sealers on a marble surface
We Tested 19 Vacuum Sealers—Here Are the Best Ones
12 ballon whisks laid out in a semi circle on a piece of grey slate
We Tested 10 Balloon Whisks—Two Whisked Their Way to Victory
our two favorite temperature control mugs on a countertop
We Tested 7 Temperature Control Mugs to Find the Best Ones (And to Figure Out If They’re Worth It)
a variety of rasp-style graters on a wooden countertop
We Tested 12 Microplanes (Rasp-Style Graters)–Here Are the Best Ones
a bunch of instant-read thermometers on a marble countertop
We Tested 18 Instant-Read Thermometers–Here Are Our Favorite Models
a group of potato mashers against a white background
We Tested 10 Potato Mashers—Here Are The Best Ones
Cast iron and carbon steel cookware, plus enameled cast iron Dutch ovens
The Best Kitchen Gear We Bought in 2022
The Best Torches for Wok Hei
Breville Hand Mixer
We Tested 15 Hand Mixers to Find the Best Ones for Cookies, Whipped Cream, and More
a group of meat grinders on a wooden butcher block surface
We Tested 8 Meat Grinders to Find the Best Ones
Rulers for your kitchen
The Best Kitchen Rulers To Have On Hand
Bowl scraper and dough
Every Kitchen Needs a Bowl Scraper
Beef roast browning in pan under a metal cooking weight
Why You Need a Chef's Press in Your Kitchen
Using a mortar and pestle to grind chiles and shallots.
We Tested A Variety of Mortars and Pestles—Here Are Our Favorites
thermopop 2
We Tested the New ThermoWorks ThermoPop 2—Here’s What We Found Out