Toasted Sugar Gives These 10 Desserts Even More Flavor

Toasted sugar takes these ten sweets to the next level.


When Stella first wrote about toasted sugar, it changed everything. The process of making toasted sugar is as simple as very slowly baking white sugar until it takes on a darker hue and a nutty, caramelized richness. But the resulting flavor is anything but simple. If you don't have time to make a full batch of toasted sugar—it's not a fast process—you can make a quick version that doesn't taste quite the same, but will certainly do the trick.

Incorporated into all sorts of desserts, toasted sugar adds a dimension of butterscotch-y sweetness. Here are our ten of our favorite ways to bump up desserts with toasted sugar. And if this isn't enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, go crazy incorporating the nutty sugar into any of your favorite baked goods.