Gallery: Tiki Week: Coconut Shrimp

  • Coconut Shrimp

    Crispy, juicy, and covered in coconut. More things in life should come this way.


    Start by dusting in flour to create a layer for the batter to adhere to.


    You can use straight-up beaten eggs, but for an extra-thick coating, add some flour to create a thicker batter.

    Toss in Coconut

    Hold the bowl of crumbs/coconut in your left hand, and pick up shrimp on at a time, letting the excess batter drip off before dropping them into the coconut, tossing them the entire time.


    Fry them in a wok or Dutch oven in oil heated to 375°F. Cook until deep golden brown.



    Serve the shrimp with whatever sauce you'd like (this one is a sweet chili sauce).