Some of My Favorite Spatulas Come From A…Thermometer Brand

They’re mini, they’re mighty, and they’re wicked cheap.

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ThermoWorks Mini Spat

Serious Eats / Irvin Lin

My immigrant parents were intensely frugal; everything got used, saved, and re-used in my childhood household. Margarine containers were cleaned and repurposed as storage containers. Used envelopes had their stamps carefully peeled off for re-mailing. And every single bit of mayonnaise was scooped out, so it looked like the jar was run through the dishwasher.

Though things have shifted for me as I grew up (I prefer real butter over the fake stuff), that frugality is a core part of my personality. Which is why I love mini spatula and spoonulas.

Thermoworks Mini Spat spoonula

Serious Eats / Irvin Lin

I have far too many spatulas and spoonulas, in all sizes. They’re handy for gently folding egg whites into cake batter, scraping every bit of pan sauce out of a skillet, and stirring, smoothing, and swooping all manner of things.

Most folks have large and medium spatulas, so they get the most love. However, mini spatulas are surprisingly useful. At first, they seem far too small, until you’re making a sandwich and realize the jar of mayonnaise looks empty. But, if you scrape the remaining bits and blobs out, you can get a sandwich's worth of spread. The mini spoonula does this easily—sandwich crisis averted!

Thermoworks Mini Spat Spoonula

Serious Eats / Irvin Lin

Once I discovered the usefulness of the mini spatula and spoonula, I found myself reaching more for them. Anything viscous like maple syrup, honey, or oil measured in a liquid measuring cup gets a swipe out with the spoonula. It easily tackles jars and cans, too, with the flat top and side scraping the bottoms and sides—something a spoon or butter knife, both of which have pointed tips, could never do properly. The spoonula's small stature is key for getting into tiny cans as well, like tomato paste.

The mini spatula, on the other hand, is ideal for feeding my sourdough starter. Mixing the starter with one means I can easily scrape down the sides of the jar, making sure all the flour and water is fully incorporated and keeping my starter happy and healthy.

Thermoworks Mini Spat Spoonula

Serious Eats / Irvin Lin

Some other favorite uses for both the spatula and spoonula include, but are not limited to: getting our every last drop of smoothies and marinades made in a personal blender, scooping ingredients out of a food processor, and making sure you get sticky or semi-solid ingredients, like peanut butter or miso paste, out of measuring spoons. Mini and mighty, am I right?

ThermoWorks Mini Spatula Spoonula Set

ThermoWorks Mini Spatula/Spoonula Set


As far as which ones to get, I recommend the Thermoworks mini spatula and spoonula. They’re made of one silicone piece (including the handle!), which makes them super easy to clean. They’re food-safe, BPA-free, and heatproof up to 600°F. With just the right amount of stiffness and flexibility and a sharper edge, they're superior scrapers. And they’re just $6.50. For both of them!


Can the ThermoWorks spatulas be cleaned in the dishwasher? 

Yes, the ThermoWorks mini spatula and spoonula are dishwasher-safe.

What are the best spatulas? 

As far as full-size spatulas go, we tested seven silicone spatulas and named models from OXO, GIR, and Tovolo our favorites.