10 Instant Noodle Flavors That Are Actually Spicy


Recently I received an email from a man who was angry. He was angry that his "spicy chicken" instant noodles weren't spicy whatsoever. Every once in a while, I get a comment or email from someone who thinks I work for an instant noodle company. (I don't.) But I do recommend adding hot spices, sauces, and peppers from around the world to heat up your bowl of noodles.

Are any flavors out there actually spicy? Here are 10 that should get your mouth's attention.

#10: Koka Instant Non-Fried Noodles Spicy Black Pepper Flavor (Singapore)


If you like black pepper, you'll want to try this. It has a nice peppery sauce and a rich, deep black pepper flavor that doesn't quit. The garnish of dried veggies are an added bonus.

#9: Wei Lih Good Good Eat Super Ramen Hot Chili Flavor (Taiwan)


Decent noodles and a deep red broth that exclaims "beware of fire!" The broth also has an oily texture and sweet notes that make the fire more unique.

#8: Paldo Kko Kko Myun (South Korea)


The result of a comedian on a competition TV show in South Korea, Kko Kko Myun has been a huge craze. The flavor is a jalapeño chicken, and the jalapeno is nice and strong. Has a real good bite to it.

#7: FoodMon DJ-DOC Jjolmyeon (South Korea)


DJ-Doc is a hip-hop group in South Korea and they must be pretty happy to have their faces on this stuff. In this bowl, you have noodles, rice cake pieces, and a red sauce with a wonderful heat and flavor. It all ties together like a hot, spicy lasagna a la South Korea. Wonderful stuff.

#6: JML Instant Noodle Artificial Spicy Hot Beef Flavour (China)


A very spicy Chinese noodle soup. Notice it's not spicy beef, it's spicy hot beef! Decent veggies and a serious punch.

#5: Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup (USA)


Yep, they make this is the USA now. A standard of the spicy noodle world. Hot and tasty with lots of thick noodles.

#4: Namchow Mee Jang Noodle Soup Sour Spicy Chicken Tom Yum (Thailand)


The packaging looks pretty tame but this stuff is anything but. The broth is enough to blow your head off. Really, wow.

#3: Nongshim Jinjja Jinjja (Really Really) Ramyun (South Korea)


This is hot and unique. A pork broth base with some niceties like black sesame seeds and peanut powder. It has a strong heat but really great flavor at the same time. This is awesome stuff.

#2: Indomie Curly Noodle With Chicken & Chilli Paddi (Indonesia)


Sweet mother, this is intense. That little pepper was enough to burn my lips, mouth and gut for a good long time—heavy duty! I should also mention there's a place that sells spicy noodles in Jakarta that has 75 to 100 of these peppers mixed in. Imagination fails me as to the scorching pain.

#1: Paldo Teumsae Instant Noodles With Soup (South Korea)


Hands down, these are the hottest instant noodles I've tried. And I've tried over 800 varieties. From the first slurp to the end of the bowl, your mouth will be on fire. This one really delivers.