The Smart Kitchen Appliance That Makes Holiday Entertaining a Breeze

Meet the June Oven.

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Summer feels like yesterday but Christmas wreaths and ornaments are already decorating storefronts. We haven’t even gotten through our Halloween candy and snowflake lights are dawning street lamps. Hello, holiday season! We didn’t even have time to miss you.

If you feel like you’re still recovering from last year’s holidays, the thought of kicking into holiday entertaining mode might feel like too much to bear. It might make you reconsider hosting anything this year. It might even make you feel like canceling the season altogether. But it doesn’t have to!

With the June Smart Oven, the holidays are going to feel different this time around. Dare we even say "easy"?

The countertop oven is seven appliances in one. That is, it bakes, air fries, dehydrates, slow cooks, broils, toasts, and warms. Not only that, but it will do all of those things automatically, so you don’t have to think twice about getting things right. (You’ve got presents to wrap and family disputes to settle, after all.) With an internal camera, the oven recognizes the food you’re cooking and calibrates temperature, time, and cooking method according to your preference, taking any guesswork out of the process. That holiday roast will turn out perfectly moist and those cookies will be chewy on the inside, just the way you like them.

And don’t be fooled by the compact size. The June will fit a 12"x16" pan—for our Hasselback butternut squash (pictured below)—and even a ten-pound turkey.

You can either select your cooking methods and level of doneness manually on the touchscreen, or by voice, via Alexa. You can also walk away from the thing and get an alert on your phone when your food is done.

Another time saver? No preheating required. Greet last minute guests or those you may have forgotten were coming over with a cool smile, knowing you can pop into the kitchen, throw in that cleverly reserved batch of dough in the freezer to churn out freshly baked sugar cookies by the time they’ve taken off their coats.

And since this will be the year you get ahead of gift shopping, you’ll have plenty of time to order and wrap your smart oven. But... if this year is like any other, you can also rest easy, because shipping is fast. Good thing, too, because once your friends catch wind of your June oven at your holiday party, they’ll be ordering them as emergency last minute gifts for their families.

Who can blame them?

With all the different cooking methods, and over 200 cooking programs—all of them developed by chefs—the June Oven truly makes a great gift for anyone. Whether you’re toasting bread for a holiday brunch or slow cooking pork shoulder for a family dinner, this smart oven has all the answers for everyone and every occasion. The one thing it can’t do? Keep next year’s holiday season from arriving before you know it.

Ready to buy your June Oven today? Head on over to June's website and get $50 off with code SERIOUSEATS50.