Gallery: Adventures at In-N-Out: We Make a Shooter's Sandwich with 16 Burger Patties

  • The In-N-Out Shooter's Sandwich

    The In-N-Out Shooter's Sandwich

    8 Double Cheeseburgers in one ready-to-transport-package.

    Step 1: Find Yourself a Boule


    Start with a good large sourdough boule. The one we used was a two pound loaf. It made a sandwich big enough to serve 8.

    Step 2: Find Yourself an In-N-Out


    It helps if you're on the West coast.

    Step 3: Slice the Top Off The Boule

    Sourdough Boule

    If you tell the good folks at the bakery that you're planning on making a bread bowl out of it, they may even do it for you.

    Step 4: Order Your Fillings

    In-N-Out order

    We went with mustard-cooked Flying Dutchmen (that's two patties with two melted slices of cheese, no bun or rabbit food) with added chopped peppers and grilled onions. We also got sides of In-N-Out spread and pickles.

    Step 5: Hollow Out Your Loaf

    Hollowing out boule for a bread bowl

    Save those innards for crumbs!

    Step 6: Layer In Your Meat

    Adding In-N-Out patties to boule

    We shingled five Flying Dutchmen into the boule for a total of ten patties.

    Step 7: Pickles!

    Pickles in boule

    Next a layer of pickles. I'd strongly recommend drying them carefully before you do this to avoid extra sogginess.

    Step 8: Sauce It

    Adding sauce to boule

    ... and a layer of spread...

    Step 9: More Beef and Pickles

    Boule filled with beef, pickles, and sauce

    ...three more Flying Dutchmen and another layer of pickles (we ended up with four extra Flying Dutchmen—this is a good thing)...

    Step 10: More Sauce

    Boule filled with beef, pickles, and sauce

    ...and a final layer of sauce before...

    Step 11: Put A Lid On It

    Bread bowl with lid on top

    ...closing her up. Apply the lid with firm but gently downward pressure, then place the sandwich in a paper bag or wrap it in butchers paper and foil.

    Step 12: Press It

    pressing boule down

    Find a large, heavy, flat object to weigh down your sandwich. A cutting board weighted down with cans is a good idea. I used an overturned table. Make sure to place the sandwich on a surface you don't mind getting greasy or cheesy in case of blowouts. I'd strongly recommend again weighting it down with a bucket of water on top. My sandwich got compressed unevenly, leading to a toppled table in the middle of the night.

    Step 13: Unwrap it

    flattened, filled boule

    The next morning, unwrap the beast. If all went well, you will have minimal oozing or flooding.

    Step 14: Slice It In Half

    flattened boule cut in half

    Give it a slice in half and admire the unabashed beefy beauty that is within.

    Step 15: Cut Into Wedges And Consume

    wedges of flattened boule

    Slice the sucker up and eat as is, or reheat in an oven or toaster oven to crisp up the edges.