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  • Wonton Soup

    Wonton Soup

    Rich broth and tender wontons with shrimp that crunch under your teeth.

    All your base

    Pork, sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, and yellow chives are the base ingredients for the filling.

    Mix it up

    Massage the ingredients together with your fingers. For an extra-smooth filling, you can blend them in a food processor.

    Brine your shrimp

    Brine your shrimp in 1/4 cup water with a teaspoon of salt and a half teaspoon of baking soda. This helps them stay plump and crunchy as they cook.

    Test for seasoning

    Before stuffing your wontons, test your filling for seasoning by placing a small amount on a plate and microwaving it for 15 seconds. Taste and adjust seasoning accordingly.

    Place your wrapper

    To stuff, start with a square wonton wrapper on your cutting board.

    Place your filling

    Add about a tablespoon of filling to the center of the wrapper (the less you use, the easier it'll be to stuff).

    Add a shrimp

    Place a single shrimp on top of the filling.

    Moisten the edges

    Use your fingertip to add a thin layer of water all around the edges of the wrapper.

    Pinch it up

    Pull two corners together and pinch them shut to form a triangle.

    Seal the edges

    Seal up the edges of the triangle, making sure to push out as much air as possible to prevent a blowout when you boil them later.

    Make the corners meet

    Moisten the folded corners then pull them towards each other, making them meet and cross in the center.

    Ready to cook

    The finished wonton should be plump, like a little sphere wearing a cape.


    Repeat until you've made all your wontons. They can be frozen for future use by placing on a parchment-lined plate in the freezer. Once fully frozen, they can be stored in a plastic zipper-lock bag.


    The cooked wontons should be slippery and tender-skinned with juicy meat and a crunchy shrimp in each one.

    Plenty of veg

    I like adding tons of vegetables to my soup.