Gallery: How to Make Scallion Pancakes | The Food Lab

  • Finished Scallion Pancakes

    Flaky and crisp. Let's learn how to make them!

    Hot Water Dough

    Hot water dough is made by adding boiling water to flour. It limits gluten development, and creates a dough that is smooth, satiny, and easy to work with (though it doesn't stretch well).

    Flatten and Brush

    Flatten out the dough and brush it with sesame oil to help keep layers separate.

    Roll and Twist

    Roll the dough up jelly-roll style into a tight log, then form a spiral out of the log.The dough and sesame oil have now formed 5 distinct layers.

    Add scallions

    After re-flattening, spread an even layer of scallions over the top of the new disk.


    Roll the disk up once again, this time with the scallions trapped inside.

    The Finished Roll

    Keeping things tight is important.


    Form another spiral out of the scallion-filled dough.

    Flatten Again

    Flatten the dough one more time. You've now created 25 distinct layers of dough and sesame oil.


    Fry over medium-high heat in a good amount of oil for even browning. As the dough heats, moisture expands, helping to separate the layers of dough.

    Flip and continue

    If all goes well, you should have an even, mottled golden brown color and ultra-crisp texture.

    Many Many Layers

    These scallion pancakes have five times the number of layers of a traditional pancake, for extra flakiness and crispness.