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    Ready to dig in? This is the kind of meal you want a pile of wet naps for. Here's how you make it.

    The Aromatics

    Ginger and scallions are classics. I also like to add long green chili pepper and yellow chives for their more delicate aroma.


    Sliced into thin slivers and ready to cook. With any stir-fry, it's key to have all of your ingredients and sauces prepped before you heat the wok. It goes fast.

    Steam the Lobsters

    The lobsters start with a quick steam, which you can do directly in the wok. Get the water boiling, add the lobsters, cover, and cook for just a few minutes to set the flesh.


    They come out dull to bright red. It's ok if they aren't fully cooked at this stage—they shouldn't be!

    Break it Down

    Break the lobsters into tail and claw/knuckle pieces, removing the guts and rinsing out the heads for garnish.

    Chop the Tails

    Cut the tails in half lengthwise, then split each half into three pieces.

    Split the Claws

    Cut the knuckles off the claws in between the joints. Remove the small pincher by breaking it off a bit and cutting through the meat and cartilage with the tip of a sharp knife. Split the large pincher in half with a heavy knife. If the shell is very tough, you may need to crack it with a cleaver, or by placing it under a towel and rapping it hard with the back of a knife.

    Make Your Sauce

    Combine Chinese rice wine, a touch of soy sauce, and some cornstarch in a small bowl.

    ((Get the exact recipe here »)

    Season and Toss

    Season the lobster meat with salt and white pepper, then toss it in cornstarch to coat.

    Fry in Batches

    Heat oil in the wok to 350 to 375°F and cook the lobster in batches, agitating it as it cooks. You want to cook just until it gets crisp, about a minute, then drain it immediately.

    Ready to Stir Fry

    Once the initial fry is done, it's ready to stir-fry. Drain off all but a tablespoon of the oil.

    Add the Aromatics

    Heat the wok until smoking hot, then add the aromatics and start stir-frying, tossing them constantly.

    Add the Lobster

    As soon as the ginger and scallions are lightly tenderized—under a minute—add the lobster meat along with the sauce. Stir-fry just until the sauce has thickened and coats the lobster and vegetables in a glossy sheen. Don't overcook that lobster!

    Ready to Eat

    Ready to Eat

    Dive in straight away, it's not getting any hotter!

    (Get the exact recipe here »