The Fake Nicky's Pizza in 'Julie & Julia'

Photograph from Sony Pictures Entertainment

As far as pizzeria names go, Nicky's Pizza is a pretty popular one. From Sheboygan, Wisconsin, to Saugus, Massachusetts, Nicky definitely gets around. But the facade of the one in Julie & Julia (in theaters August 7) doesn't actually exist. When asked about the storefront below her apartment, Julie Powell told us that in real life, it was a diner. The fictionalized pizzeria on 40th Avenue in Long Island City, often flashed on screen before a kitchen scene upstairs with Powell, cannot actually be reached at 718-555-0163. Like all Hollywood and TV-show 555- numbers, it's fictitious.

The pizzeria has a meaningful role in the film. As Powell slaved over aspics and duck-boning, there was always that much easier option downstairs, just a staircase away. Surely the cheesy fumes traveled upstairs (in this hypothetical scenario) but Powell soldiered on, leaving little room for outside food with 524 of Julia Child's recipes to complete in 365 days.

Note: Julia Child did have a recipe for pizza dough in The Way to Cook.


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