The Di Fara T-Shirt Is Now Available

Adam Kuban

So, today is Slice intern Aaron Mattis's last day. :(

There were three places he wanted to get to during his internship here: Motorino, Franny's, and Di Fara. We did Motorino pretty early on but as of this morning had Franny's and Di Fara to go.

With one final day left for pizza exploring, we kinda figured Di Fara should be it. With Dom's hours dwindling and a six- to 11-day vacation coming up, we thought it would be easier for Aaron to visit Franny's on a subsequent visit to NYC. So we headed down to Midwood earlier today with the rest of the SE interns in tow — Di Fara first-timers all.

Aaron's putting together a "Di Fara first timers" post for tomorrow, but until then, I thought I'd leave you with this photo of the new Di Fara T-shirt.

Funny enough, while we were there, we ran into Scott Wiener of Scott's Pizza Tours (off duty and not leading a tour) and Jason Feirman of I Dream of Pizza. It's a mad, mad, mad, small pizza world.