The Complete Serious Eats Guide to Cooking Lobster

Lots O' Lobster!

Check out all of these lobster recipes from hot to cold, fancy to every-day.

We've put together all of our eating and buying guides, along with a collection of recipes, in one easy-to-navigate post. Read on for everything you've ever wanted to know about lobster.

Lobster Guides

Buying Lobster

Before you can cook a lobster, you have to buy a lobster. Check out our guide with The Food Lab: How To Buy a Lobster »

Hard Shell vs. Soft Shell

Soft shell lobster season is underway, and it'll run until November. But is a soft shell lobster really better tasting than a hard shell? It took a blind taste test for us to find out. Check out our Taste Test: Hard Shell Versus Soft Shell Lobsters »

How To Cook and Shuck

Learn about the best path to the tenderest, most intensely flavored meat, and more importantly, how to get at that meat once it's cooked with The Food Lab: How To Cook and Shuck Lobster »