Gallery: The Cheeseburger Eggsplosion, a Burger with a Fried Egg Center

  • Egg-in-burger

    Burger with fried egg in the middle

    Cast iron, beef, and egg.

    Cutting the hole

    carving whole out of burger

    Use a fairly large patty, since the egg will take up quite a bit of space. You want it to be at least 1/2 an inch thick.

    Press and twist

    Push a cup or a ring cutter into the center of the patty and twist it around until the center separates. Carefully pick up the doughnut-shaped patty, but don't get rid of the smaller patty in the center—you'll use it later.


    burger patty with whole in middle

    After seasoning with salt and pepper, lay the doughnut patty in a ripping hot cast iron skillet with a bit of vegetable oil (or beef fat). Let it cook for about a minute undisturbed, then...

    Add the egg

    fried egg in middle of burger patty

    If your egg is too big, it may overflow a bit. That's ok, this is not a not-messy operation.

    Flip and continue

    Carefully flip the patty (the egg has a tendency to leak out, so do it fast), and continue to cook on the second side. You're aiming for a liquid yolk and medium rare patty here.

    Add cheese

    cheese slice on egg and burger patty

    The cheese covers up the egg, disguising the deed.


    cheeseburger with white backdrop

    Assemble the burger with whatever toppings you'd like (though sauces probably aren't necessary—this burger provides its own).

    And ooze

    cheeseburger with fried egg

    This is not recommended. Much better is to...


    person eating cheeseburger with egg

    ...serve it to an unsuspecting guest.


    person eating cheeseburger with egg

    Tasty, tasty surprise.

    What about the minis?

    mini burger patties uncooked

    And remember those two tiny patties you cut out from the center of the larger ones?

    Get your buns

    burger buns in grocery bag

    Thanks to the folks at the White Castle down the street, we can put those tiny patties to use.

    In case you weren't full enough

    mini cheeseburgers

    Slide on by.