Gallery: The Burger Lab: The In-N-Out, Telway, White Manna Ultimate Animal-Style Slider Mashup

  • In-N-Out/Telway/White Manna Ultimate Animal-Style Mashup Sliders

    In-N-Out burgers


    mustard on a pan

    A little squirt of mustard goes directly on a hot griddle.

    Placing Meat

    burger patties on pan with mustard

    Next, 2-ounce pucks of ground beef (we used a short rib, brisket, chuck blend from Pat LaFrieda) are placed directly on top of the mustard.


    burger seasoning

    The patties are seasoned generously with salt and pepper.

    Tons O' Onions

    burger patties with onions

    Lots and lots of shaved onions are spread over the sizzling patties. I use a mandoline to slice the onions in order to get them as thin as possible.

    And More Onions

    onions with burger patties

    The meat should be completely coated with a layer of onion.

    Flip and Cheese

    In-N-Out cheeseburgers

    Next, the patties are flipped and topped with a half slice of American cheese. The onions should now be steaming underneath.

    Top Bun

    Someone cooking In-N-Out burgers

    Top buns go directly on the cheese...

    Bottom Bun

    In-N-Out style burgers on pan

    ...followed by the bottom bun, cut-side down.

    Steam Towel

    steaming towel to trap onion steam

    The whole thing is draped with a towel to trap in the onion steam, heating the buns and cooking the burgers through.

    Burger Spread

    Spread on burger buns

    The bottom buns are placed on a tray and squirted with a good squeeze of In-N-Out style spread (essentially Thousand Island Dressing).

    Finished Assembly

    Finishing cheeseburgers

    The burgers are picked up, onions and all, and slid onto the waiting bottom buns. Any extra onions and grease from the griddle should be scooped in between the buns as well for extra juiciness and flavor.

    In-N-Out cheeseburgers