The Best Prime Day Deals for Your Kitchen and Home

All the best Prime Day deals, all in one place.

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Prime Day is here! While it's a bit later than usual, the game is the same. Now through October 14th, Amazon is slashing prices on thousands of items. Of course, this is overwhelming for some—and that's why we're here. Over the next few days, we'll parse through those sales and post the very best ones for your kitchen and home right here.

Amazon will be releasing deals throughout the day(s), so check back often to see what's new. Better yet, keep this page bookmarked. And if you're not into shopping on Amazon, we've managed to find a few deals on other sites as well. Happy shopping!

Note: These deals are subject to change and availability. We'll be updating this post throughout the week. Keep checking back for more!

  • 30% Off Anova Sous Vide Circulator

    We've long been proponents of sous vide cooking. While the technique may seem complicated, the only truly difficult thing is picking up the best immersion circulator for the job. Luckily, we reviewed the most popular ones on the market, and the Anova was among our favorites. Because it has a display with onboard controls, you can set it up and calibrate a water bath without using your phone (which is nice when you're working with raw proteins).

  • Up to 53% Off Vitamix

    There are lots of Vitamix blenders on sale today, including our top pick, the 5200 model. This one rarely goes on sale, so if you're looking for the smoothest smoothies, creamiest soups, and lots of cocktails with crushed ice, now is your time.

  • Up to 33% Off Instant Pots

    The Prime Day darling, Instant Pot, is back and very much on sale. Our recommended six-quart DUO model is among the chosen, as is the larger 10-quart model. Once you receive yours, we have all sorts of pressure-cooker recipes for your perusal.

  • 10% Off The BoardSmith Maple Butcher Block

    In our review of the best cutting boards, The BoardSmith’s handmade maple cutting board received top marks for it’s thick, solid construction and many customizations (like added feet and a juice groove). Through the 14th at midnight, The BoardSmith is offering Serious Eats readers an exclusive 10% off with code seriouseatsprime. Pick one up now. It’d make an excellent gift for the food lover in your life (or for yourself).

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  • 39% Off Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven

    Sure, Le Creuset Dutch ovens get a lot of attention, but the Lodge cast iron Dutch oven is no slouch. This six-quart model will serve you well for soups, stews, and braises alike.

  • 33% Off Tramontina Fry Pans

    In our review of the best fry pans, the Tramontina was a top pick for its ability to heat evenly and change temperatures quickly, ensuring golden brown chicken chicken thighs and just-tender vegetables. Today, you can get one for even cheaper, at just $39. It works on induction cooktops, too!

  • 20% Off Hamilton Beach Rice Cookers

    When we reviewed the best rice cookers on the market, the Hamilton Beach cooker did surprisingly well against its more expensive competitors. While the control panel is minimal, the machine cooked perfectly delicious short-grain, medium-grain, and brown rice. Today, the slightly smaller eight-cup version is on sale. Pick one up for just under $30.

  • 36% Off Nordic Ware Quarter Sheet Pans

    If your quarter sheet pans are looking worse for wear, now would be a great time to pick some up. This two-pack from Nordic Ware is just under $18 and will be mighty useful come holiday time for roasting vegetables. (Even more so if you've got a smaller oven and lots to tetris!)

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  • 46% Off 10-Piece Cuisinart Cookware Set

    Usually, we don't recommend buying cookware sets. When you pay a lot of money for a set, you often end up overspending for pieces you don't need and under-spending on pieces that are essential. So, as a general rule, buy your cookware one piece at a time, which will allow you to be a bit more deliberate in your selection. That said, today we've found a deal on a Cuisinart cookware set that's worth reporting: 46% off a ten-piece set of pots and pans. If you're starting from scratch in a new kitchen and looking for an affordable way to stock it, grabbing this deal isn't a bad idea.

  • 44% Off Lodge’s 10-Inch Cast Iron Pan

    There’s so much you can do with a cast iron pan, from getting a perfect sear on steak to baking up the perfect chocolate cake. While there are lots of fancy and expensive ones out there—many of them we tested in our review— we always find ourselves gravitating back to Lodge. It’s sturdy, affordable, and built to last.

  • 25% Off ThermoWorks Thermapen

    It should be abundantly clear by now that we love an instant-read thermometer. And our thermometer of choice? The Thermapen. Year after year, the Mk4 model continues to impress, ensuring our roasts are cooked perfectly, our fried foods are crispy, and so much more.

  • 25% Off ThermoWorks Smoke Dual-Probe Thermometer

    A leave-in probe thermometer will come in handy come holiday time. Having a dual-probe thermometer will serve you even better, since it lets you monitor the temperature of your turkey in the breast and legs or in two spots of a large roast, like a pricey prime rib. We love this model from ThermoWorks because it comes with a remote; you can leave the kitchen and entertain your guests (up to 300 feet away), all while your oven is putting in the work.

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  • 36% Off Sodastream Fizzi

    If you've been waiting for a good deal to pick up a SodaStream, now's your chance. Unfortunately, our favorite Sodastream model, The Source, was discontinued, but several of our staff members have reported positive experiences with the Fizzi, which is on sale today. Pick one up now with two extra CO2 bottles for just shy of $100.

  • 26% Off Lavatools Javalin

    If you think the Thermapen is still a bit too pricey, pick up a Javelin from Lavatools, which is also on sale today for just under $20. Like the Thermapen, the Javelin is splash-proof, well built, and doesn't have an off-on switch—simply fold out the probe, and it's on.