The Best Black Friday Deals for Your Kitchen and Home

Keeping our eyes peeled for actually-good prices on our favorite cookware, tools, and foods.

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Rolled and tied pork belly in pressure cooker pot along with braising liquid and aromatics

Black Friday is here! We've scoured deal pages all over the internet and found a select few worthy of your time and money.

Below you'll find good prices on our tried-and-true equipment-review winners, plus items from our favorite food purveyors, and a few other great gifts sprinkled in because it is the holiday season, after all. We'll be updating this post until Black Friday is officially over, so keep coming back for the latest.

As a note, we'll be doing our best to keep prices updated, but be patient as things change at the drop of a hat! For up-to-the-minute pricing, click on the buttons below to take you to the specified retailer.

Happy shopping!

25% Off the Thermapen (Exclusively for Serious Eats Readers)

Step 10: Use a Thermometer!
At this low temperature, the average prime rib roast will take 4 to 5 hours to reach medium rare (130°F internal temperature). The best only way to tell when a prime rib is done is to use a thermometer. A leave-in probe is a good early warning system (set it for about 5 degrees below your target final temperature), but you should always use an accurate instant-read thermometer and test for final doneness in multiple locations to make sure there aren't any especially cool spots hiding out.

If you do any type of meat cookery, a well-made digital instant-read thermometer is essential for perfect consistent results. This is why we love ThermoWorks, which sells not one, but two of our favorite instant-read thermometers. The Thermapen Mk4 delivers super-accurate readings, whether you’re roasting turkey or making caramel. At 25% off, it's a steal (and a fantastic gift, if you don't mind us saying).

Get your Thermapen here.

30% Off the Anova Immersion Circulator

One of our favorite sous vide devices, the Anova immersion circulator, generally hovers around $200 until these special deal days—and this year is no exception. For Black Friday (week), you can find the Anova for $139. Pick one up, then dive deep into our library of sous vide recipes. The duck confit is particularly revelatory.

30% Off D'Artagnan Meats

Photo: Vicky Wasik

If you need to pick up a holiday roast, look to D'Artagnan, one of our go-to meat purveyors. From now through November 29, you can get 30% off all sorts of products—it's the perfect time to stock up for a season of entertaining.

As for what to use your 30% off on? Maybe a whole duck for your holiday centerpiece—do check out our duck project for inspiration—or bacon for a cozy Sunday morning in.

Deep Discounts on Lots of Instant Pots

Photo: Vicky Wasik

The Instant Pot continues to be a perennial golden child on Black Friday. While the models have continued to evolve since our original pressure cooker review—there are so many now!—we like to use our Instant Pot for rich and flavorful stock, lots of warming winter stew, and more.

Free Board Butter With a $200 Purchase at The BoardSmith

The BoardSmith produces our favorite wooden cutting boards. Now, exclusively for Serious Eats readers, they're offering free board butter with your purchase of $200 or more. Simply add a board to your cart and click "free gift" when you see the pop-up. From there, you can enjoy a wooden board made with excellent craftsmanship that, as Daniel describes in his review, "gets all the details right."

41% Off SodaStream Fizzi

If carrying home boxes upon boxes of LaCroix every week is becoming tiresome, perhaps it’s time to try a SodaStream, which allows you to make all the sparkling water you want right at home. In our review of the best soda machines, the SodaStream Source came out on top, producing the best homemade bubbles without any fuss at all. While the Source is no longer available, several members of our team own and love the Fizzi—and recommend it to anyone who loves, well, fizzy drinks.

Get your Fizzi here.

20% Off the Joule

Another one of our favorite sous vide devices is on sale today. The ChefSteps Joule, down to $199 from $249, is especially handy if you're living in a small city apartment—it'll fit right in your kitchen drawer.

20% Off OXO Coffee Grinder

In our review of the best coffee grinders, we named the OXO conical grinder as the best one for "most people" because it's relatively affordable, features a simple and intuitive interface, and offers the ability to control grind sizes. The price normally hovers around $100 and today it's 20% off—for much better coffee come cold holiday mornings.

50% Off All-Clad Fry Pan

All-Clad cookware is notoriously well-made and notoriously expensive. Luckily, today you can find this versatile 12-inch fry pan with a lid for 50% off. Pick one up for yourself or for someone else. It'll make for an excellent wedding gift that'll last and last.

Get the All-Clad Fry Pan here.

35% Off Cotton Kitchen Towels

Photo: Vicky Wasik

We've written extensively about why cotton kitchen towels are the best, especially in place of bulky pot holders. While they aren't sexy, the utility of these little towels is undeniable. With 35% off, you can pick up a whole bunch today and feel good about knowing at least one of your purchases was something you *actually* needed.

Up to $50 Off OXO Pop Containers

Both attractive and functional, OXO Pop Containers are great for dry goods storage and an organized pantry. There are a whole bunch of sets on sale today, whether you need just a couple or about 20.

Pick up your POP containers here.

15% Off Jono Pandolfi Platters

Last year, we wrote about the best serving platters for the holiday season. Whether you're entertaining or not, it's nice to serve your food on something, well, nice. What we love about these platters is that they're handmade, beautiful, and dishwasher-safe. While the white ones are streamlined and classic, there are also some limited-edition ombre platters to bring a little bit of color to your holiday table.

25% Off KitchenAid Pasta Roller Set

If you want to make great pasta at home, you need the right tools. Sure, you could use a hand-crank and roll out pasta like nonna did back in the day—or you could make things easier for yourself and get a roller attachment for your KitchenAid. What keeps most people from buying these rollers is that they’re pretty expensive. Today, you can get the set (one roller and two cutters) for 25% off.

Another thing: Attachments labeled “KSMPSA” are made completely from metal, whereas ones labeled “KPRA” are made with metal and plastic. KPRA models may be less expensive, but we recommend getting the metal ones because they’re less likely to break over time. (There are several KPRA models on sale today, but we’re keeping an eye out for the good ones.)

20% Off Ooni Pizza Ovens

In our review of the best backyard pizza ovens, the Ooni Pro was among Kenji's favorites, with the ability to cook a really good pizza in just 75 seconds. If you consider yourself a pizza nerd and are looking to take your homemade pizza making to the next level, consider this slightly newer model, which can get you there in just about a minute! (There being super melty cheese, bubbly crust, and a just-charred undercarriage.) At 20% off, it's still a big splurge, but for pizza, we'd do just about anything.