Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving doesn't have to be stressful! Find all of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes, from perfectly roasted turkey to some seriously decadent pie, all in one spot.
A bowl of fluffy mashed potatoes sits on a table. It's topped with a pat of melting butter and a grinding of fresh black pepper.
Ultra-Fluffy Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Butternut squash purée in a white bowl next to a large spoon.
Butternut Squash Purée
Frozen roasted sweet potato with whipped creme fraiche and granola
Roasted Frozen Sweet Potatoes With Whipped Crème Fraîche and Granola
Koji-cured turkey legs and confit in a large pot.
Koji-Cured Turkey Confit
A sous vide turkey leg on a bed of herbs next to sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce.
Sous Vide Turkey Legs
A Classic Thanksgiving Menu to Feed a Crowd
Rich and Creamy Gravy With Fresh Herbs Recipe
The Food Lab Answers All Your Thanksgiving Questions
How to Keep Thanksgiving Gravy Warm (Without Hogging a Burner)
cornbread muffins
Cornbread Muffins
20 Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Dishes That Travel Well
Leftover Turkey Reuben Sandwiches
Thanksgiving Turkey Reuben Sandwich Recipe
Turkey Chintan Ramen Recipe
Chopped Butternut Squash
10 Basic Knife Skills for Thanksgiving Day Prep
Maple-Glazed Spiral Ham
a piping bag piping meringue onto the filling of a fresh and creamy lime pie.
Fresh and Creamy Lime Pie Recipe
How to Fix Gravy, Whatever the Problem
carving a roasted turkey
The Serious Eats Guide to Carving Turkey
Make-Ahead Roasted Squash and Kale Salad With Spiced Nuts, Cranberries, and Maple
Overhead view of roasted turkey bones, browned vegetables, and herbs simmering in stockpot
Brown Turkey Stock Recipe
26 Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes: Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
23 Thanksgiving Cocktails, Because One Is Never Enough
Thanksgiving for Two: All the Best Parts Without All the Work
A plate of smoked turkey breast slices with white wine and mustard gravy, all on a white plate with cornbread dressing in the background..
White Wine and Mustard Gravy Recipe
Overhead view of red wine-braised turkey legs on a white plate next to a pot of gravy.
Scaled Down Thanksgiving Recipe Menu for COVID-19
How to Make the Ultimate Thanksgiving Cheese Plate
Honey-Brined and Smoked Turkey Recipe
The Food Lab Answers Thanksgiving Questions: On Turkey, Non-Turkey Mains, Gravy
Gravy pouring over roast turkey plated with stuffing
Easy Stuffed Roast Turkey With Giblet Gravy Recipe
Celebrate the Sides With a Korean-American Banchan Thanksgiving
A bowl of quick and easy stovetop butternut squash soup.
20 Squash and Pumpkin Recipes for Thanksgiving
Red Wine and Shallot Gravy Recipe
Porcini Mushroom Gravy Recipe
Turkey and Dumplings
15-Minute Turkey Enchiladas Recipe
Apple-Orange Cranberry Sauce
Apple-Orange Cranberry Sauce Recipe
Wine vs. Beer: A Thanksgiving Battle
The Food Lab Answers All of Your Thanksgiving Questions, 2013 Edition
Serious Eats Guide to Affordable Wine for Thanksgiving
White Chili With Roast Turkey or Chicken Recipe
Easy Herb-Rubbed Turkey and Giblet Gravy Recipe
Thanksgiving Leftovers: Sichuan-Style Hot and Numbing Sliced Turkey Recipe
20 Thanksgiving Salads to Brighten Up Your Meal
Cranberry Trifle Recipe
19 Thanksgiving Bread, Roll, and Biscuit Recipes to Sop It All Up
Thanksgiving Leftovers Grilled Cheese Recipe
How to Stock Your Thanksgiving Pantry
One-Pot Wonders: Warm Winter Vegetable Salad With Ricotta and Herbs
Apple Cider Gravy Recipe
Two Madeira cocktails in glass coupes
Shagbark's Sangaree (Madeira and Lemon Cocktail) Recipe
Gluten-Free Gravy Recipe
What's the Best Bread for Stuffing?
Flaming Holiday Punch Recipe
14 Warming Thanksgiving Soups That Just Might Steal the Spotlight
11 Nonalcoholic Thanksgiving Drink Recipes
A platter of carved turkey with a carving knife and fork, surrounded by pecan pie, green bean casserole, and salad
How to Plan Thanksgiving Dinner: The Food Lab's Complete Guide
Open Smoked Turkey Barbecue Sandwich topped with coleslaw
Smoked Turkey Barbecue Sandwiches Recipe
Chinese Red-Sauce-Glazed Spatchcocked Turkey
Chinese Red-Sauce-Glazed Spatchcocked Turkey Recipe