13 Brussels Sprouts Recipes for Thanksgiving

A platter of Brussels sprouts is a great addition to a Thanksgiving dinner, and these recipes, from simple roasted sprouts to a creamy gratin, will have even the most die-hard sprout-haters coming back for seconds.

J. Kenji López-Alt

Few foods have experienced as dramatic a transformation in reputation as Brussels sprouts. For decades, they were maligned as invariably mushy, smelly, and unappealing; these days, you can barely find a hip restaurant that doesn't serve them. It's easy to see why: When prepped and cooked correctly, these little brassicas have a wonderfully sweet and nutty flavor. Add in the fact that they're in season in fall and winter and they're a great candidate for adding to your Thanksgiving dinner.

Even if the pandemic is keeping your Thanksgiving small this year, any one of these recipes is all you need to change the minds of your sprout-hating family members or roommates. We've got roasted sprouts with balsamic vinegar, fried ones with shallots and chiles, a rich and creamy Brussels sprouts gratin, and more.