Doritos Migas With Pepper Jack Will Rock Your Morning, Hangover or Not

These insanely delicious migas are perfect after a night of overindulging, or any other time. . Vicky Wasik

There are some mornings when you wake up and say, I'm going to painstakingly make the best damn Tex-Mex migas I possibly can. And then there are days when you pry yourself from bed, feel your head swirl and split as you sit up, and remember those last two rounds of shots you got roped into—after you had already had what was supposed to be your last drink. On those days, you think something more along the lines of: I need the easiest, most junky-delicious migas right away before I puke...and then I need some Advil.

Well friends, I'm here for you. I already worked out a pretty sweet semi-ambitious migas recipe, replete with homemade tortilla chips, poblano pepper, and slowly, tenderly cooked scrambled eggs. Now I've got the other version. And yes, it has Doritos.

I'd thought of the Doritos while making my original recipe, and I just couldn't shake the idea of how good they'd be in the dish. And not only good, but they'd also be so easy: Just think of all that powdered nacho-cheese flavor on crisp tortilla chips that come straight out of the bag.

To make the photos pretty, we fancied these up with fresh tortillas and diced avocado, but I'll level with you: If you're ever in the condition where you really need these but are having trouble seeing straight, I won't blame you for cutting whatever corners you need to. This recipe is practically designed for it.

But I also have to say, even if you're not hungover, these are kind of stupidly delicious. I'm half inclined to only make Doritos migas from now on, regardless of my physical state.

Here's the skinny:

I start out by beating my eggs and pre-salting them, just like in my original recipe. It'll make the eggs more tender, even if you mistreat them a little, and will reduce their tendency to get watery if overcooked. I also dice some tomato just like before and pre-salt that too to get rid of excess moisture.

As soon as that's done, I get cookin'. I start by sweating diced onion and a couple of jalapeños in a skillet until tender but not browned.


Then I pour in the eggs.


I scramble that a bit until some curds start to form. I do this over slightly higher heat than my original recipe because we don't have all day, right? We need these eggs.


Then I drop the flavor bomb: crumbled Doritos chips.


I'm gonna let you just enjoy the visuals here.


In my original recipe, I concluded the eggs didn't need the cheese since it just got in the way of all the other good flavors I had layered in there. Well, screw that! This version is all about junky excess and I intend to show no restraint. In goes the pepper jack.


Then I add those tomatoes and stir them in until warmed through.


Serve 'em on warmed fresh tortillas with diced avocado, or just swan dive face-first into the pan. But before you do, give these bad boys a crispy topping with a final shower of finely crumbled Doritos—don't be dainty about it—and hit it with as much hot sauce as you can handle.