Frozen Apple Pies | Taste Test

Frozen Apple Pie (Lattice Topping): Marie Callenders

If you're on the west coast, you can pick up a Marie Callenders pie fresh from one of her chain restaurant locations, but for the rest of the country, Marie has made an oven-ready frozen version. We tried the Marie Callenders Lattice Apple Pie (runs about $7-8). Though a little sweeter than we like our pies to be, man, it sure was good. We're almost even willing to say it tasted homemade, though the slight jelly-goo filling, a common frozen pie offense, gave it away. Well-spiced with a nicely browned, crumbly crust, this was an office favorite. And those cinnamon specks on the box's photo? Those are no joke. Cinnamon haters might not appreciate the cinna-burst involved here but you can still taste the apples underneath, which is nice.