Traveling Mac and Cheese questions

Need to know how you prepare mac and cheese when you have to travel with it.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to wait long after I get to my destination, and it's only about 20-30 minutes that it will be out of the oven before it's eaten, so it won't get warmed up when I arrive. (If I had longer once I arrived, I would bring the elbows undressed, heat the sauce and pour it over, and stick in the oven - but I won't have time for that unless I alter my plans).

I tend to like my mac and cheese either stove-top or right from the oven, and have found in the past that the mac and cheese absorbs too much sauce if it sits or has to be reheated. And if I heat it too long I've had it break.

Do you use a bechamel, or evaporated milk, or cream, to mix with the cheeses in this case?

I tend to use cheddar and muenster, but could add some american if it will help keep it creamy.

I also usually mix the cheese sauce with the elbows, and layer it with a little grated cheese between the layers, which comes out nice and stringy.

I've read through a lot of the past threads, and don't see this particular topic addressed.

What say you? What's the best way/recipe to deal with pot luck mac and cheese?


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