pizza horror story at Garlic NY Pizza Bar

i just ordered a fresh pie via seamless at Garlic NY Pizza Bar on 2nd ave and 34th, went to pick it up, it clearly looked like they tried to pass off 7 slices from 1 pie, and 1 slice from another pie and combined the 2. Here are the facts, pizza came out pre sliced from the oven on a pizza screen, pizza came out of the bottom oven (usually meant for reheating) 1 slice looked a different color from the rest, a pepperoni on the single slice, did not have the other half the pepperoni on the adjacent slice. I went to the store and ordered another one, and watched them make it to see if they treated it differently, The man at the counter said it got stuck on the screen and thats why it was cut up, (new pie does not get finished on a pizza screen), new pie gets fresh herbs on last AFTER getting placed in the box (my first pie had herbs already burnt), fresh pie gets sliced when it's in the box, (first pie was pre-cut in the oven and then placed into the box). clearly they took a pie sitting on the shelf and tried to pass it off as a new pie. As an avid reader of Slice i know when i'm being cheated


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