KitchenAid mixer lock latch not working, please help!

I have a KitchenAid titlt head mixer, KSM150. Over time, the locking latch has become looser, to the point where it now bucks up immediately when kneading dough or I apply a bit of pressure. It will not latch fully either.

I have found that if I turn the adjustment screw clockwise at least a half-turn (which lowers the beater), I can get the mixer to lock fully and alleviate the latching problem, but that causes the beater to be too low and it hits the bowl.

Any idea if there is an adjustment I can do to solve this problem? I contemplated replacing the latch & lever assembly (diagram 11 in the manual) but I don't know if that would help, considering I can remedy the issue by turning the adjustment screw to an extreme position.

Thanks! Andy

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