Perhaps someone out there can comment on the various factors that contribute to a better oven rise in a 550 degree home oven.

My crust is crunchy and very tasty BUT it is not as "poofy" as I see in photos online of home-baked pies. I have been told that the really hot commercial ovens contribute to the oven rise & shorter bake times, but I know there are folks out there achieving poofy crusts at home.

I am mixing dough by hand and letting it cold ferment for 72 hours, then out of the fridge to sit for 3 hours on the counter. These are the steps I have tried to achieve better oven rise with mixed results:

1.Increase hydration of the dough 2.Reduce salt and add the salt later in the mix process (with the oil) 3.Cut back on the dough kneading by one minute (for a total of 9 minute hand-knead and 4 minute fold/turn prior to balling).

I also tend to have difficulty with "pinching off" my dough balls prior to CF. I tuck under but never seem to reach a point where I can get the dough to "seal". Not sure why AND not sure if this makes a difference with the oven rise.

Is it possible that I am over-kneading the dough? When I remove dough after 72 hours there are usually 1 or 2 large bubbles on the top, and the bottom is fairly sticky and full of tiny bubble holes. Also, my dough ball weight is 17 ounces and I am stretching it out to a 15.5" crust. Is it possible I am making this crust stretch too much and thus thinning out the dough too much? Would this affect the oven rise? As always, your assistance and insights are always much appreciated. Regards.


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