Flour Types for Pizza Dough?

Sam Sifton's recent, often cited pizza article in the New York Times calls for 50% all purpose flour and 50% "00 Flour." While "00 Flour" can be had, for most of Amerika it is a mail order product, can be expensive and is likely to be stale. After extensive reading, I conclude the "00 Flour" is a slightly finer, lower gluten & protein flour, nearly identical to what we know as "Pastry Flour." Do you experts agree? Is Pastry Flour a reasonable substitute for the famous "00 Flour?" If it matters, I've made the published formula twice, fermenting it for 48+ hours both times, but using 100% APF - because that's what I had (flour, yeast, salt and a splash of olive oil). Despite gentle hand-mixing and rest periods, including the 48+ hour fridge rest/fermentation, when stretching the dough to dress and bake, it seems to be too stiff and resistant. Is use of 50% 'softer' flour likely to improve the handling properties? All thoughts and ideas are most welcome. If it matters, my ultimate objective is a friendly dough that I can mix, ferment for 48 hours, ball and then freeze in ~~285 gm portions. The idea is to thaw in the fridge for 24 hours, rest at room temperature for 1 - 1.5 hours, stretch dress and bake. I'm limited to a 550F max oven with stone or steel. IMO this dough has great flavor, but the texture is just too dense and it fights back when stretching. What am I missing? Will slightly 'softer' flour help? Thank you.


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