Dual Oven- Smaller top oven better for pizza?

I have been doing pizza making for a while and happen to be in need of a new oven. There are many factors to consider but one is Pizza making! Was wondering if anyone had any experience or views on whether the LG dual oven (which has a small top oven with super hot broiler) would work well with a pizza steel on the bottom. I had been using the 1/2 inch steel on the old oven but sometimes the racks caved in on the old oven. I wonder if putting it on the BOTTOM (floor) of the top (much smaller, like 1/3 the height of a standard oven) solves some of the "Kenji debate" over the top rack versus bottom rack issue. I guess the tradeoff is a smaller oven loses heat faster, but with a 550 preheated oven, the steel on the bottom and potentially broiling would this be a good solution. Alternatively, without breaking the bank (2500 or less), is there a great oven solution for pizzas? Thank you very much in advance.


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