Did you Plan how your kitchen is organized, or did it evolve?.

I'm living in the house I grew up in, and therefore inherited the kitchen organization. Having been used to the sugar in this cabinet, canned beans in this one, spices here, and dishes there, I haven't ever really stopped to ask myself, "How would I organize this kitchen from scratch?" Some things are in different places than they used to be, but not a lot.

Seeing the kitchen slide shows has renewed my interest in starting over, taking everything out of my cupboards and off the bookcases, and seeing what makes sense. In particular, I have some difficult-to-get-to space in corners, which tends to end up with canned or boxed goods that don't get used before they are too old to be edible, and the space should really be filled with seldom used bowls, etc.

I have very tall kitchen cabinets, and I am Not Tall. I loved Kenji's kitchen where the dishes are all on the lower shelves of several cabinets, instead of stacked up in one cabinet. Never thought of that, and I need to redo my kitchen for that reason alone.

How about you? How did you organize your kitchen?

Any good tips, like Kenji's with the dishes?

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