Please to Report: Chile Oil Success: Part Two

Part Two:

8. Remove the fresh garlic and any fragments, because they tend to spoil quickly. 9. Cover/seal the container and refrigerate pending use. If nine steps sounds complicated, I assure you that it is not. Keep it clean, don't burn it and if using garlic, get all of it out before jarring and storing your new oil. In use, sometimes I use just some oil while other times some flake and seed is included. The oil alone has some heat, but it is nothing close to the killer range. When added to other ingredients and as a condiment, during cooking or at table, this chile oil seems to add flavor, not heat. The oil is but the carrier and I don't worry about it since one tablespoon, perhaps much less is plenty. My sincere thanks to all provided suggestions and links in response to my original inquiry. This result is my combination of many of those suggestions. Of Note: A few outside sources suggested using a little water to expand and help extract flavors from the chile flesh and seeds before introducing any oil. It does make sense. However, I did not discover any improved flavor with this method and I don't use it. Your mileage may vary!! Heck yes! This was fun! I asked, I got a few answers and some excellent links, made my own experiments and now have a Chile Oil that I like. Does it get any better? I do not know how long this stuff will last in the fridge. If ALL of the fresh garlic is removed, it will probably last for many months. Once I settled on this formula, I made a batch with about 12 Oz. of oil. It will last another 6 weeks and I expect to make a fresh batch every 4-5 months. I hope this helps someone! Far too often we help with inquiries and then never hear about the individual's results. I know that this is far too long, but I'm doing my part to correct the No Results thing. -GC P.S. Even at this late date, additional suggestions are always welcome.


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