(moderately) enraging little debbie clickbait...

Ok, ok. We're all well aware that compiled rankings like this list of Little Debbie's (arguable) deliciousness are ENTIRELY created to enrage and stir up controversy, but I fell right into this one, hook, line and sinker. And any asscl*wn who has the audacity to not only rank Nutty Bars 17th, but then proceed to degrade these slabs of chocolatey peanut buttery perfection, needs to be stopped.

Yes, my opinion is slightly (fine, massively) colored by early 90s summer camp nostalgia, but STILL. But Nutty Bars strike that covetable salty / sweet balance, bring the crunch with striated wafer perfection, and follow the ultimate two-to-a-pack-is-better-than-one principle of deliciousness (although for sharing? hah, as if). So why the hate?

Aaaaaaand I digress. But who's with me here, guys? Even if you're not as emotionally invested in Nutty Bars as I am, no doubt the Cosmic Brownies degradation (27th place?!?!?) will also ruffle a few feathers... Serious Eaters - what's your rebuttal?

Little Debbie Snack Foods, Ranked


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