Hollendaise Sauce

Dunkin Donuts introduced an Eggs Benedict sandwich. It's got the hollendaise taste right in it so the commercial says. Actually it's on top of the egg. But anyway, that got me thinking.

I'm wondering what their guidelines are for storing hollendaise sauce. Reading the web I see that hollendaise sauce should be used within 3 to 4 hours. Is there a hollendaise sauce recipe that keeps longer? Or are corporations just pumping in some product that us normal people don't have access to? Trader Joes makes a hollendaise sauce.

My ideas were as follows:

1 - Someone should make a hollendaise flavored bagel. This is what the Dunkin commercial led me to believe I was getting.. flavor "in" rather than "on".. I was figuring it'd be less messy. They already make egg bagels, so I don't see why they can't make a hollendaise flavored bagel.

2 - Someone should invent hollendaise sauce slices.. sort of like topping a burger with a slice of cheese.. same thing. I'd totally buy those. I wonder if I can make them.


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