HELP with pizza dough recipe

Hello, I am new to this site and need the help of pizzamakers. I have been trying to make a Neapolitan Pizza that crust is about 1/4" in thickness. I have been using a cold rise process, with dough in fridge for 3 days. Here are my issues:

•Upon removal from fridge, Dough was very sticky and extremely pliable. Seemed to be no resistance at all to it. •Upon forming pizza, dough was stretching too thin and holes started to form as I was manipulating it. •When transferring to pizzastone, dough did not maintain it's shape; stuck to stone and started to wrinkle as it was being transferred. (At this point no sauce on pie) •Sauce put on immediately upon transfer; baked five minutes and then added cheeses and pepperoni. •Tasty crust but too thin @ 1/8" could not pick up a slice; no firmness at all-limp.

What do I need to manipulate? Am I using too much yeast, too much olive oil, or what? Please help. Much appreciated.


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